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Jenny Engel of Bartlesville, OK has music that touches the heart -- songs like 'No Other Way'.  She is a gifted songwriter and singer and is sought out for her ministry at revivals, roundups, Christmas celebrations, conferences, singings, and concerts. 

Click more for a personal story behind her music, as well as contact information.

Visit her Official website


"It's been several years now since God gave me the words to my CD title track "Greater Faith."  I thought I would share with you the inspiration for that song and what it means to me. 

Several years ago my job moved to another state and I chose to stay behind.  While accepting the fate of the "umemployed" and starting my career path over; one of the greatest supporters of my ministry was diagnosed with lung cancer.  She was a wonderful person that just so happened to be a treasured Aunt.

Little did I know my departure from my position would allow me to help care for her in her time of need.  A time that I will always hold dear to my heart.  After several weeks of intense treatment she was sent home where she would remain on hospice for several days until on one faithful day the Lord sent his angels to carry her home.

She was an inspiration to all of us.  She told us about Jesus and encouraged us to believe in ourselves even when we thought no one else did.  She was one the that bought me my first song to sing at church.  It was "Walk Across Heaven With Me" by Michelle Pillar.  That was a scary day for me as a young girl.  Singing infront of strangers.  Little did I know it would lead me on a journey that I will forever walk.

On the day of her funeral service our family gathered around her grave to greive.  We were all heart broken by the loss.  After the service, we met at my parent's house.  I remember when I pulled up my Mom said "Come here!  You've got to see this!"  Everywhere we looked there were lady bugs.  Hundreds or maybe even thousands of them!  Who would have thought a cute little bug would give a family such peace.  We felt it was her way of saying "I'm doing fine,  I'm with Jesus now." 

Several weeks later, I recevied a letter in the mail from a songwriter friend.  It said "I was on my way to buy a new car today, when God stopped me at the intersection and told me I needed to fund your first national CD project."  I was shocked!  God would do this for me?  I didn't deserve this.

Over the next months, we worked diligently writing songs like I Am Saved, Seven Days Without Prayer, Modern Day Miracles, Forgiveness and of course, Greater Faith.

We had scheduled a meeting with Producer Zane King of Journey Records.  Zane had just finished building a beautiful studio.  As I entered in the door of this beautiful place, there was a pillar in front of me and much to my amazement on that pillar sat one tiny lady bug.  Little did she know that she offered me hope and gave me the peace of knowing I was right where God wanted me to be.

That night I went back to my hotel room and started writing the first verse of "Greater Faith."  The rest is history.

God bless you my friends.

If you would like to book Jenny Engel:


Phone 918-333-9909.

Jenny Engel
PO Box 603
Bartlesville, OK 74005

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