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Earl Cox on Frontline: Jerusalem

Commentaries by Earl Cox are available on The Gospel Station
Video on-demand and Audio Download available.
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Earl Cox is an international broadcaster and journalist who has served in senior level positions with four U.S. presidents. Due to his outspoken support for Israel, he has been recognized by Prime Minister Netanyahu as a Good Will Ambassador from Israel to the Jewish and Christian communities around the world and named the Voice of Israel to America by former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Earl Cox also contributes articles to The Jerusalem Post.
see some of his editorial pieces below.

Earl Cox is the President of Israel Always
Contact information is at the bottom of the page.


SOUTH CAROLINA General Assembly honors Charleston resident


Columbia, South Carolina, May 27, 2015:

 Members of the South Carolina House of Representatives recognized and honored Earl G. Cox of Charleston County for his lifelong and significant work on behalf of The State of Israel and congratulated him for being named an Ambassador of Goodwill from Israel to Jewish and Christian Communities around the world by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


South Carolina House of Representatives in honoring the meaningful and selfless contributions that Earl Cox has made to support the State of Israel by encouraging stronger ties among people of faith in South Carolina, the United States, and around the world, received a special recognition award in our State Capitol in Columbia, South Carolina by our General Assembly.


During this time House Bill H.3583 was brought forth for the 3rd reading and the Sovereign Anti-discrimination Act unanimously passed the Senate the same evening of May 27, 2015.   Many South Carolinians from around the state joined in to educate themselves about this important legislation and then walked the halls of the SC State House going before our representatives to talk about the importance of standing together in solidarity and speaking with one voice on this issue.  This is just the beginning of adding action to our passion; putting power back into the hands of the people who will rise up to say we will stand against anyone whose hatred comes forth towards any people, in any way, but especially to those who are trying to destroy Israel.  We stand with Israel because it is the right thing to do.  Israel is America’s only true friend and ally in the Middle East. Israel is on the front lines of the world’s war on terror yet this tiny nation is forced to continually do battle on the front lines of a war of hatred and it must be stopped.  Protecting our people, our freedoms and our way of life, along with every other civilized society in the world, is a top priority.  It is our responsibility to continue to stand for the truth.  This is what Earl Cox has done every step of the way and brings those alongside to do the same.  We must stand together with one voice, One God – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!the Israel Allies Foundation and the many passionate advocates for Israel around the Palmetto State who joined me today in Columbia to support the bill! Your advocacy resulted in a win for freedom of all our favored trading partner nations, including Israel, from economic terrorism by extreme practitioners of antisemitism and discrimination! God bless all our trading partners and allies, but especially America's number one ally, and only democracy in the Middle East, Israel!the Israel Allies Foundation and the many passionate advocates for Israel around the Palmetto State who joined me today in Columbia to support the bill! Your advocacy resulted in a win for freedom of all our favored trading partner nations, including Israel, from economic terrorism by extreme practitioners of antisemitism and discrimination! God bless all our trading partners and allies, but especially America's number one ally, and only democracy in the Middle East, Israel!the Israel Allies Foundation and the many passionate advocates for Israel around the Palmetto State who joined me today in Columbia to support the bill! Your advocacy resulted in a win for freedom of all our favored trading partner nations, including Israel, from economic terrorism by extreme practitioners of antisemitism and discrimination! God bless all our trading partners and allies, but especially America's number one ally, and only democracy in the Middle East, Israel!nds with the Israel Allies Foundation and the many passionate advocates for Israel around the Palmetto State who joined me today in Columbia to support the bill! Your advocacy resulted in a win for freedom of all our favored trading partner nations, including Israel, from economic terrorism by extreme practitioners of antisemitism and discrimination! God bless all our trading partners and allies, but especially America's number one ally, and only democracy in the Middle East, Israel!

Front Line Jerusalem

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Many People May Not Know
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Israel Wants Peace not War
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Rewarding Terrorists with US Tax Dollars      
Published on March 15, 2015
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Releasing Terrorists Will Not Bring Peace
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The 34th Commentary May 5, 2015
Earl Cox Commentary published by Frontline: Jerusalem
The EU and Hamas

  • An Interview with EARL COX
    December 17 2014

    Has the EU Gone Completely Mad Embracing Hamas?

    During a radio interview with The Gospel Station Network headquartered in Oklahoma, International Christian broadcaster and journalist, Earl Cox, said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's criticism of European hypocrisy exhibited by the EU’s decision this week to remove Hamas from the terror blacklist and to symbolically recognize a Palestinian state was right on target.

    Cox went on to say that,

    “It is a travesty that a Hitler mentality is again being exhibited by many European countries. The EU decision to remove Hamas from being listed as a terrorist  organization and giving these barbarians status as a legitimate state is not only insane but sends a message to civilized people around the world that it is better to pacify violent, radical Islam than to confront it for the evil it is.

    To place people who have committed countless atrocities against humanity, engaged in war crimes, embrace jihad and openly call for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people and place them on equal footing with the civilized world clearly demonstrates the power of the radical Muslim propaganda machine to create myths and distort and alter the facts and somehow dupe the media, governments and people of the world into buying into their fabrications.”

    “It’s plain and simple,” Cox said.  “Hamas terrorist are experts at manipulation and deception. They are committed to the total destruction of Israel, a legitimate democratic state recognized by the United Nations and yet the EU, by its latest action in favor of Hamas, has fully demonstrated its anti-Semitic attitude against peace-loving Israel.

    "Every Christian and every person who values freedom and democracy has a moral obligation to speak out loudly against anti-Israel European countries who have forgotten the shameful past of the Holocaust where six million Jewish people were slaughtered. While many who participated in those horrors called themselves Christians, they could only have been under the control of Satan himself and not really Christians at all.  As the Bible says,‘wolves in sheep’s clothing.’”

    Cox concluded his remarks by suggesting that Christians around the globe come together in unity to speak with one collective and loud voice against all people and nations that side with Hamas and other radical Islamic organizations and countries. “Any organization, people group or country that calls for the destruction of another and which openly engages in acts of terror and which sanctions hate-speech by its religious and government leaders must be listed as terrorists.  There is simply no room at any peace table for those who refuse to embrace peace.  You can’t give what you don’t have and Hamas and the Palestinians cannot give peace in exchange for land because they do not possess any peace.  Their intentions toward Israel and the Jewish people are nothing but annihilation and destruction.”



ELECTION 2014 - America
An Interview with EARL COX

November 5 2014

In an exclusive interview today with The Gospel Station Network, the largest Christian radio network in America, international Christian broadcaster and journalist Earl Cox called yesterday’s elections “a victory for the American people and also a sign from God that those who touch the Apple of H-s eye, Israel, will not escape H-s wrath.

The results of the election,” said Cox, “sent a loud and clear message to the Obama Administration and the international community that the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will not sit idly by and allow H-s people and their land to be uprooted and given to uncivilized barbarians who value death more than life.”

Cox went on to say that, “G-d has given the American people an opportunity to return to traditional Judeo-Christian values which are essential to -not only for America’s survival but also to - our relationship with our friendly allies like Israel; America’s only true friend in the Middle East.

The American people have spoken to the Obama Administration: "Clean up your act... or face the consequences."

Hopefully, the White House received the message.
” said Cox, “It is not only time to become economically responsible, but it is time to return America's government back to the people and to exercise responsible leadership in foreign affairs rather than compromise with hostile countries bent on destroying America's civilized allies, like Israel.”

Cox concluded by saying that beginning early next year he is planning to travel on ‘whistle stop tours’ throughout the Bible belt promoting a return to traditional Judeo-Christian values and increasing support for Israel.


NOTE: *H-s and G-d are written in the manner of Judaism so that the name of God and attributed pronouns are not written as a complete word, so as to respect the Holy Name of God.



August 10, 2014

UPDATE from the FRONT LINES in Israel
by Earl Cox (email to supporters)

"We owe a debt of gratitude to all of the manufacturers and merchants who provided supplies for the troops at deep discounts, at cost and also as donations.

One with Hamas terrorists in Gaza
and the other in the media in the war for public opinion.

Thank you for helping us help Israel.  Together we brought much hope and encouragement to the young and dedicated IDF soldiers serving on the front lines in the world's war on terror.

This past Thursday, Earl Cox arranged to have a hot barbeque meal with all the trimmings catered and served to 450 IDF soldiers stationed along the Gaza border.  Many of these soldiers had been on the front lines for weeks subsisting on candy, snacks and cold tuna sandwiches.  As you can see from the smiles and the 'thumbs up' sign, the gift of a hot meal was much appreciated. 

Enlarge Picture - Click here

Earl has been on the ground in Israel since the start of the recent war against Hamas terrorists, which Hamas initiated more than four weeks ago when they kidnapped and murdered three innocent Israeli school boys as they were making their way home from school.

Upon landing in the Holy Land, Earl wasted no time getting to work.

He immediately coordinated and distributed much needed provisions to 1000 IDF soldiers serving in the south of Israel where the bombs from Gaza fall like rain. These provision included clean under garments, socks, wet wipes, t-shirts, snacks and other items that make life on the battlefield a bit more bearable.  His efforts generated much attention from the print media, radio and television.

Here are two links to media interviews which you are sure to find interesting:
Radio interview with Yishai Fleisher on Voice of

TV:  Earl Cox on the Yaakov Ahimeir television program on IBA Israel Channel 1. The program starts in Hebrew but switches to English


For the past fourteen years, the people of southern Israel have been forced to live in a constant state of terror thanks to Hamas terrorists in Gaza.
Every day is stress-filled not knowing when Hamas will send rockets raining down. Imagine having to live all day every day anticipating that at any moment you may have to run for the safety of a bomb shelter and, whether it's noon or the middle of the night, you have only 15 seconds to reach your destination. The young and the elderly are the most vulnnerable. 
Recognizing this from past personal experience, Earl Cox met with the Mayor of Sderot, Alon Davidi, and others to identify elderly who needed time away from the bombs and the sirens and who couldn't afford to evacuate on their own. 
Working with a small team of volunteers, Earl arranged for two groups of elderly, many of whom were survivors of the Holocaust, approximately 48 individuals in all, to have five days and four nights of respite at the Jerusalem Gold Hotel in Jerusalem.  He chartered a bus to transport the people from the south to Jerusalem where each group was treated to special guided tours of the city on each day of their stay, delicious food each day and a chance to relax and enjoy socializing away from the exploding bombs, the blaring sirens and the suffocating confines of bomb shelters. Surprisingly, for some this was their first visit and tour of Jerusalem.

Please make a committment to be informed by reading a variety of credible news sources and don't be afraid to speak out for what is right.  History testifies that one person can make a difference."  


pictures will be added which include:


Briefing at Barzilai Medical Center

Talking with parents of wounded IDF soldier

Visiting with IDF Soldiers in Southern Israel near the Gaza border


Thursday, August 7, 2014
Hamas's Biggest Asset - Liberal Journalists
by Earl Cox   
“CNN reporting of the war between Hamas terrorists in Gaza and Israel is a major contributor to advancing the Hamas agenda of getting the world to view them as the underdogs and the victims of Israeli aggression and nothing could be farther from the truth,” said international broadcaster, Earl Cox. 
In an interview with Randall Christy of the Gospel Station Radio Network, the largest Gospel radio network in the U.S.A., Cox blasted CNN and their journalists as, “promoters of entertainment rather than communicators of factual news.” Cox, who has covered four wars including the Vietnam War, said that, as a journalist himself, he is ashamed that so many in the media today prostitute themselves to organizations like CNN whose liberal views they promote at the expense of ethical journalist principles.  “Their lopsided, unfair and unbalanced coverage of the Gaza-Israel war is a prime example,” he said.
“It is a disgrace beyond words that over eighty percent of CNN's coverage of the war has focused on wounded and dead Palestinians while completely ignoring the real culprit who's responsible these war crimes and that being Hamas. Despite the fact that the Secretary General of the United Nations and numerous reporters embedded in Gaza have acknowledged that Hamas uses their own people as human shields, CNN continues to throw the blame on Israel knowing full well that Israel drops leaflets, sends text messages and makes phone calls warning Palestinians well in advance of their intentions to fire at Hamas rocket sites and tunnels which Hamas has cleverly placed in the heart of densely populated neighborhoods for the sole purpose of creating civilian causalities as this plays well for the media.”
Cox suggested that CNN and others are failing to report the truth largely because Hamas leaders have threatened to expel journalists from Gaza if they write or broadcast Hamas's use of Palestinians as human shields or that they are using civilian sites in densely populated Palestinian neighborhoods as weapon depots and rocket launch sites from which to attack Israel. “One thing is for certain,” Cox said, “CNN will do anything to please Hamas even if it means reporting distorted, inaccurate and unbalanced news.”
Cox covered Israel’s war with Lebanon in 2006, both Gaza conflicts, two intifadas, and the Vietnam War. His writings appear in numerous publications. Cox has been on the ground in Israel for the past four weeks broadcasting and writing stories on the current Hamas-Israel war.



Earl Cox's Editorial Pieces

Yes! Free, Free Palestine!

Jerusalem Post blog
Wednesday July 16, 2014

Original Post is found on the JERUSALEM POST's BLOG PAGE

Yes!  Free, Free Palestine!

This chant is being shouted from streets of major cities across America and around the world. The message we hear is, how can these poor, oppressed Palestinians live one more day facing such violence and turmoil?  The whole world must unite to help these oppressed and depressed underdogs who have been forced to flee their homes and live in deplorable conditions in UNRWA-sponsored school buildings that serve as emergency shelters during the escalating violence between Hamas and Israel.  The news outlets want you to think Israel is the demon.  But is that really the truth? 
Maybe we should look at this from another angle.  Yes!  Free, Free Palestine!  Not from Israel, but from their own people, from those they have elected as their leaders.  Free them from the savagery of being forced by said elected officials to live under deplorable conditions due to their elected leaders being too busy building bombs, their terrorist infrastructure and engaging in a relentless campaign of hate against Israel.  Shouldn’t they have been concentrating their efforts on building a society with a progressive economy, quality medical facilities, an uncorrupt, honest and dependable police force, emergency medical services and functional fire departments?  Free them from being forced to live under the tyranny of a government whose heart and soul has been blackened and rotted by its insatiable appetite for hate and violence.  Free them from a kind of slavery, from having to live under the rule of a government that has failed them in every possible way.  The Palestinian government has failed to establish a society that loves its children and people more than they hate Israel and the Jews.  The Palestinians have failed to become contributing members of a civilized world.  They prefer to behave like barbarians that keep their people in a constant state of unrest.  Then they blame all their woes on Israel.
What’s even more deplorable than all of the above?  It’s that the world has bought the terrorists’ propaganda messages that the Palestinians are innocent victims of Israeli aggression.  Yes, the world has swallowed their bait--hook, line and sinker.
Because of terrorist-generated untruths and propaganda, Israel has to fight a battle on two fronts:  one with Hamas; the other over the airwaves. The latter is the war for public opinion.  Left to her own devices, Israel can easily win against Hamas, but the war for public opinion is another matter altogether.  When the media takes sides, truth becomes blurred and slanted.  The public consumes (and believes) what the media cooks up.
What would the public come to see and believe if the media were to stick to reporting facts--from both sides?  Then, no rational person would side with the Palestinian storyline.  Yes, their plight is horrible.  But their horrible plight is not because of Israel. Yet, the media would have you believe all of the problems in the Middle East are thanks to Israel.
Reports over the airwaves are quick to convey in sensational fashion the deaths of Palestinians killed by Israelis who were doing nothing more than protecting and defending themselves against barrages of rockets being hurled at them from Hamas inside the Palestinian Gaza.   Rockets are literally raining down upon Israel and they are reaching farther and farther into densely populated areas. 
Now, consider these words:  Defensive vs. Offensive.  Israel has built a sophisticated DEFENSIVE weapons system called the “Iron Dome.” Conversely, the Palestinians have built only an OFFENSIVE weapons system.  Their weapons have targeted populated areas inside Israel as far inland as Jerusalem and also their nuclear plant.  Israel uses their “Iron Dome” defensively to protect her citizens and her land from terrorist aggression in the form of rockets launched by Hamas.   But, the Palestinians are using their citizens--men, women and children--as human shields to protect their weapons systems.  They do this because they know Israel will not intentionally target civilians.
When an Israeli defensive strike against Hamas inside Gaza results in the death of civilian Palestinians, especially children, Israel mourns.  We read in the media, however, that Israel killed civilians.  We don’t read that Hamas intentionally placed civilians in harms way in an attempt to protect their weapons and rocket launchers.  The Palestinians know that Israel values life--all life, and they take advantage of it.
How often do you hear or read in the media that Hamas hides rockets and launchers inside schools, hospitals and private homes?  “Why don’t the people object?” you ask.  Are you kidding?  Remember, these are poor, oppressed Palestinians enslaved by their own people.  They don’t have the freedom to resist, or to protest; otherwise they will surely end up dead at the hands of their own people.
Public opinion polls always show Israel on the underside.  This is because the media intentionally sabotages the truth.  They choose to favor the Palestinians.  They willfully withhold facts and they willfully paint a false picture.  When television reports show crying Palestinians searching through rubble and under slabs of concrete for their children and other loved ones, all that is reported is that the scene on the screen is due to an Israeli rocket attack.   What’s the public supposed to think?  And they conclude that the perpetrator, Hamas, is innocent, and the Israelis, who value life, all life, are guilty.  Do you ever hear it reported that Israel regularly telephones the residences of an attack area well in advance of any airstrike and drops warning leaflets from the air advising residents of their intent to strike and that it is urgent for them to evacuate?    In case you are wondering why Israel would target a civilian neighborhood, remember, that’s where Hamas hides its weapons and rocket launchers.  Does Hamas give their own people, much less Israeli civilians, the same courtesy of advance warning?  No!  Why?  It’s because the Palestinians purposely target Israeli civilians and their actions are purely and exclusively OFFENSIVE.  Conversely, Israeli actions are purely and exclusively DEFENSIVE.
Yes, the Palestinians have it all figured out.  First, the Palestinians use their own people as human shields so that they can protect their weapons. Then, they plan for civilian deaths, especially women and children, by making sure their people do not heed the warnings from Israel to vacate. Once Israel strikes, they call the media to assist in the body count.  This tactic works every single time.  It’s time we call them out, folks.  It’s time to change the story.  Israel is not the demon.  Israel is not the aggressor.  Israel is not an illegal occupier. 
As Golda Meir, the former prime minister of Israel, once said to a group of Arab leaders, "We can forgive you for killing our children. We can never forgive you for forcing us to kill your children."
God Bless Israel.

Earl Cox

Click to see original post and make comments at this link: 


No Palestinian State on Israeli Soil

Jerusalem Post blog
Wednesday Jan 22, 2014

Original Post is found on the JERUSALEM POST's BLOG PAGE

President Obama, No Biblical Confirmation of Palestinian State on Israeli Soil.

The land was deeded to Israel in an eternal covenant by the eternal G-d, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. When will the Christian nation of America with its professed Christian president stop pushing Israel in a direction that is contrary to G-d’s Word?

"Dear Mr. President,
The American Christians highly respect the importance and the difficulty of the responsibilities that lie heavily on the shoulders of the person holding the Office of the President of the United States of America.  As a Christian broadcaster and journalist, I am in constant contact with literally tens of thousands of people who share my faith and also my understanding as it relates to Israel.  As Christians we believe and honor our G-d, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and all that He has said, done and promised to do concerning Israel and her people.  What we believe is not fantasy or fairytale.  Historical events serve as proof that absolutely everything that God has said in his Word, the Bible, has come to pass and therefore become truth.
Mr. President, when you were elected President of the United States, you were elected president of all the people of the United States.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to listen to all sides of issues and not just those you find agreeable with your understanding or philosophy.  A member of the U. S. Congress once said, “Obama does not seem to understand radical Islam.”  Another said that your Middle East Policy was “one of Obama’s biggest mistakes.”  Both of these elected officials may be mistaken in that perhaps you do fully understand the Islamic mindset.  Only time will tell. 
The American people, through our elected representatives in the Congress of the United States of America, have voted almost unanimously numerous times to support the existence of the Jewish state of Israel and to maintain good relations with Israel as a vitally important ally in the protection of U. S. interests both in the United States and abroad.  Standing shoulder to shoulder with Israel is in America’s best interest if we want to protect and defend our democratic values and virtues.  In addition, Israel’s contribution to science, technology, medical advancements, agricultural advancements, water conservation and desalination and on and on have greatly added to the betterment of the entire world.  Furthermore, we must not forget their many other monumental contributions for which a huge number of Israelis are awarded Nobel Prizes each and every year.
Israeli resilience and brilliance was promised by G-d Himself. G-d foretold through His ancient prophets – Ezekiel, Daniel and Zechariah - thousands of years ago that the Jewish people would be scattered among the nations of the world for their disobedience to His original and everlasting covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses.  From 170 AD to 1948 AD the Jewish people were dispersed among the nations.  They were hated and persecuted but G-d said one day He would re-gather the Jewish people to their ancient homeland and restore their ancient nation.  Who can refute that this truly happened?  Who can refute the Holocaust and the slaughter of the Jewish people?   The Zionism movement beginning around 1900 has resulted in seven million Jews returning to their ancient homeland.  Never in all of those years did the Palestinians try to claim the land as their state.  In the Bible the question is asked, “Can a nation be born in a day?”  Obviously yes!  May 14, l948 is the anniversary date of the birth of the modern State of Israel.  Again the Bible is true and and history agrees.
Mr. President, G-d’s promise to Abraham in a covenant given to him by G-d was that the land of Israel would belong to the Jewish people as “an everlasting possession.”  G-d also promised to protect and preserve the restored nation which He has done in the miraculous military victories of the Independence War, the Six-Day War of l967 and the Yom Kippur War of l973.  We must never forget G-d’s promise through the prophet Amos that He will never again allow the restored nation of Israel to be defeated or destroyed.  Ezekiel also prophesied that a military coalition led by Persia (today’s Iran) and Russia will come against Israel to try “to wipe Israel off the face of the map.”  However, G-d will not allow this to happen.  In fact, He has promised to rain fire down from heaven to defeat those coalition armies which come against Israel.
News reports tell us that your Secretary of State, John Kerry, has now made ten visits to Israel to hold talks with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders in an attempt to establish a “two-state solution” which will supposedly end their conflict.  Secretary Kerry has stated that working for this Middle East peace is “a tough process” but he also cited that progress in the talks has been made.  Of course Secretary Kerry is compelled to project something positive.  He certainly cannot admit that there has really been no progress without jeopardizing his legacy.  To his credit, he has admitted that the disputes are unresolved after more than 20 rounds of negotiations.  He could have truthfully added that the disputes between Jews and Arabs are still unresolved after four thousand years.
Christians know that G-d will never allow an Arab-Muslim-Palestinian state to be established on the land He deeded to the Jewish people as “an everlasting possession.”  In short, a Palestinian state is not in G-d’s plan if it means establishing it on Israeli soil.  Perhaps Jordan or another Arab country with land mass in abundance would consider carving out a tiny piece of real estate for the establishment of a Palestinian state.  After all, Israel is no larger than one of America’s smallest states, New Jersey, which measures approximately 7800 square miles.  By contrast, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is over 44,000 square miles which means Israel could fit five times into the state of Pennsylvania.
Mr. President, why are you and Secretary Kerry wasting time, effort and the hard-earned finances of American taxpayers on trying to bring about a “two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when it is not in G-d’s plan now or in the future?  With all due respect Mr. President, perhaps it would be beneficial for you to study the miraculous history of Israel and the Jewish people.  It would help you to understand that as much as you and Secretary Kerry want to achieve a peace agreement between the Jewish and Arab peoples and to establish a Palestinian state on Israeli soil, you are simply working in futility against the G-d of Israel, Who is also the G-d of the Universe.  He has given all of the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea to the Jewish people as “an everlasting possession” and everlasting means both now and in the future.
Bible believing Christians pray daily for the peace of Jerusalem.  The Bible says that we should.  We also pray daily for you and the leaders of our country that you make decisions and act with Godly wisdom.  America is the most G-d-blessed country in the history of the world.  Mr. President, if you wish for your legacy as a leader to be among history’s greatest, let me suggest that you take the bold and correct position and move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem thereby recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  G-d promised He will bless those who bless Israel and, at this point in time, what greater blessing could you possibly bestow upon Israel (and thus America) than to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish State?
Very sincerely,
Earl Cox"

Click to see original post

(NOTE: In Jewish publications, it is their policy to print the name of God with a hyphen (G-D) as a sign of respect.)

Israel Always


Earl Cox is the President of  Israel Always

"Education is the key to understanding the need to support Israel;
America's only true friend and ally in the Middle East."

P.O. Box 2257
Mount Pleasant, SC 29465



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