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Feeding and Orphanage Centers


The Gospel Station is providing feeding centers for little children in Vera Cruz and CanCun Mexico, and is building secure, livable houses for widows and orphans in Burundi, Africa.

The children centers are called "PULLIAM CHILDRENS CENTERS" named after one of our generous partners, the late Gordon Pulliam (and his widow Kay) who fund such life-sustaining works.

Your contributions to keep these vital works going can be made online, or by mailing a donation. At our online-donation page, you can select "Pulliam Children's Centers" to designate your gift for a feeding center ....  OR choose "God's Homes for Widows & Orphans" to designate that your contribution goes to build the Widows and Orphans Homes.

You can make your donation one-time or click the box to make it an automatic, ongoing monthly gift.  Cancel any time.  GIVE ONLINE HERE

By Mail:
The Gospel Station, P O BOX 1343, Ada OK 74821 USA
(Make your gift payable to "The Gospel Station" and mark on it "Pulliams Feeding Center" or "God's Homes for Widows and Orphans".)

MEXICO - Pulliam Children's Centers

The Gospel Station has joined forces with the Pulliam Children's Center to help feed children in one of the poorest areas of Mexico. 

Babies get GREAT care here at the Pulliam's Children Center.

We found that the people feeding the kids are doing a FANTASTIC job -- and the kids are being well fed and cared for.

The children at Pulliams receive great meals -- not just beans and rice at Pulliams! Your donations make it possible to feed them daily with nice, nutritious meals. The Gospel Station provides ALL THE MEALS for these little ones.


Here are pictures of the kids:  A glimpse at what we provide at the center 

Photo Album of the Kids and our visit

The ladies who care for these kids teach them about God and pray with them every day.  It's like Bible School everyday --- with GREAT FOOD!

Be a part of helping them.   Remember...

They depend on us.   We depend on you.    We ALL depend on GOD!

We appreciate your partnership in making the world a better place for these children.   
You can help   For as little as $1.00 per meal, your gift can feed a child.



***Pullium's Children's Centers & God's Homes for Widows & Orphans are ministry partners with the Gospel Station Network (SCOCBI).
The Gospel Station does not own nor operate Pullium's Children's Centers & God's Homes for Widows & Orphans.***


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