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Each interview is broken into 3-Minute segments.  Download each segment:  Right-click on the segment. Left click on "save target as" and choose DESKTOP or another location on your computer. 


Interview archives by number:

#1-25 #26-50 #51-75 #76-most recent (this page)

Link: Numbered Alphabetized Interview List

Link  List of Upcoming Interviews

Phil Callaway


Phil Callaway is a veteran author and popular speaker.  Phil accepted a 12-month truth challenge and his book  To Be Perfectly Honest (Multnomah, May 3, 2011) is a humorous journal of what happens when a Christian author does his best to tell the truth.  As a humorist, "I lie for a living," says Phil.  He stands in front of audiences and tells them funny stories--about 96 percent true--at least as far his he can remember.

He is available to speak for marriage retreats, civic and business events. 

Click here for the full length interview or just click on the play button.



Passages & The Green Collection


Hobby Lobby President, Steve Green, shares The Passages Bible Exhibit and The Green Collection on display at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art now through October 16 2011.

See more about the exhibits at

Pictured is the OKC Museum of Art's Communications Manager Leslie Spears (left) with Shirley Mears.

Click here for full interview

Butterfield Fdn. John Martin


John Martin shares how the Butterfield Foundation offers medical education scholarship funds.

Click here for full interview




Interview with Jack Murphy, former big-time jewel thief, now turned Christian evangelist...hear his turnaround!

Click to hear Jack's whole interview

Cindy Grubb


Cindy Grubb, artist with An Affair of the Heart, shares how God directs her art.  She lives in Ponca City, OK.

Segment 1      Segment 2

Dr. Richard Land

President of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission and host of his nationally-syndicated radio program "For Faith and Family", Dr. Richard Land is a sought-after speaker on the issues of religion as it engages with our current society and modern values.

Pat Payne


Pat Payne is a song artist.  He lives in Oklahoma City area.

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

George Rennix

# 106

George Rennix talks about Corporate Chaplaincy -- finding a bridge in the corporate workplace to RESOLVE CONFLICTS.  Many times key employees choose to find other employment for reasons other than money -- find out why, and what can be done to keep them.

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

Tom Westbrook

# 105

Tom Westbrook of Oklahoma State University.

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

Segment 5     Segment 6

Greg Gunn

# 104

Greg and Rhonda Gunn have 7 children.  They know a thing or two about relationship dynamics and sibling rivilary! 

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

Ivan Parker and Pastor Vera Radley

# 103

Pastor Vera Radley serves the Del City First Church of the Nazarene, Del City Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City.  She hosts a Gospel Singing on the 4th weekend each month. 

Ivan Parker comes each fall for a concert at the Del City High School Auditorium.

Ivan Parker    Segment 1

Pastor Vera Radley   Segment 1

Dr. Dixie Yoder

# 102

Dr. Dixie Yoder is available to help find solutions to life problems with solutions from the Bible. 

Learn about her at the official website

Segment 1     Segment 2

Michael Todd Barrett

# 101

Michael Todd Barrett is the author of  the novel entitled "The Curse".

Official Website:

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4


Walter Jenkins

# 100

Walter Jenkins is a professional writer and ghost writer.  His books include Mentor: The Kid and the CEO, co written with Tom Pace.  His website is

He co-wrote a book with Tom Hill of Kimray, interview #54 and Gayle Dyer of An Affair of the Heart (#34).

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

Segment 5     Segment 6     Segment 7     Segment 8

Jenny Steinbach

# 99

Jenny Steinbach is the Strategy Coordinator for the Magdalena Movement, a JESUS Film project.  Their website is and This powerful new video is a movie for women by women and showcases what Mary Magdalene may have experienced while walking with Jesus throughout his public ministry.

The film titled Magdalena: Through Her Eyes, looks at the life of Jesus of Nazareth from the unique perspective of Mary Magdalene.  This moving story celebrates how Jesus cared about women individually and collectively through biblical accounts illustrated from a woman's point of view. 

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3

Paul Willis June 22 - July 8

# 97

Paul Willis works with Mark Whitacre at Cypress Systems. 

Official website

Segment 1      Segment 2      Segment 3     Segment 4

Segment 5      Segment 6

Tony Silva

# 96

Videographer Tony Silva, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He recorded Shirley's interview with Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby, available at .

Segment 1      Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

Anita Kelley

# 95

Anita Kelley was the marketing director and spokesperson for Tealridge Retirement Community in Edmond before launching her marketing consulting company, Anita Kelley Consulting, LLC. For the past 25 years Anita has been involved in marketing a variety of businesses including a funeral home, a hospice, an assisted living and an independent retirement community. 

Anita specializes in developing marketing programs for businesses that serve seniors and also for nonprofit organizations. Anita is married and has three grown children. She enjoys serving God, being with friends, walking, reading, sewing and gardening. 

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

Chuck Schroeder

# 94

Chuck Schroeder is the Executive Director of the National Cowboy & Western Heritiage Museum in Oklahoma City.

Official Website:

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3

Matt Blagg

# 93

Matt delivers a unique blend of musical styles he calls "Blue-eyed Soul". Not just a singer, this musician builds guitar-playing, trumpet-playing, and poignant lyrics into songs that light up any listener. "It makes life better when we can laugh, dance, and cry together," Matt says. "That's what my shows are all about." 


Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Segment 4

Dr. Jack David Armold


Dr. Jack David Armold is President of The Academy of Senior Professionals at Southern Nazarene University.  ASP is an organization of retired professionals who love life long learning and connecting to other generations to pass on life lessons.  May 21, 2010 is the date of their Senior Adult Conference.  Host is Bethany 1st Church of the Nazarene.  To learn more go to . Plenary speakers are Chuck Schroeder, Executive Director of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum as well as Dr. Stan Toler, General Superindendent of the Church of the Nazarene.

Segment 1

Steve Walden


Steve Walden is married to his beautiful wife Kim and proud parent of five children, four girls and one son. As a young man he started a landscaping company. He moved on into the computer industry and technology arena working as a partner and Vice President of Pace Butler Corporation. He has served in various positions in the community volunteering his time to help those less fortunate.

He now leads the ELC Roundtable a peer to peer organization of Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and CEOs whose mission is Members Helping Members Be Successful in Business & Life. ELC Roundtable’s vision is to have 200 members in each of the top 50 cities in the United States. This role allows him to combine over 25 years of experience and promote the development of small businesses across our great country.

Segment 1

Mark Whitacre

# 90

Mark Whitacre is the subject of the current Warner Brothers and Steven Soderbergh directed feature film, "The Informant" starring Matt Damon as Mark Whitacre, and the Discovery Channel TV documentary, "Undercover." Mark Whitacre is an Ivy League Ph.D. and was the highest level executive of a Fortune 500 company to become a whistleblower in US history. After blowing the whistle in 1992, Mark then worked undercover with the FBI for 3 years in one of the largest price fixing cases in history. After his undercover tenure was completed, Mark went to federal prison for eight and a half years for a white collar crime that occurred during his undercover tenure. What was remarkable, he was able to keep his marriage to his high school sweetheart and family completely intact. Furthermore, the FBI agents involved with Whitacre's case more recently (starting in 2008) touted Whitacre publicly as a "national hero" for his substantial assistance with one of the most important white collar cases in history.

Mark Whitacre, PhD – FBI Whistleblower, Subject of the movie, “The Informant”, with Matt Damon as Whitacre, (DISCLAIMER: The movie is a Hollywood entertainment interpretation of the undercover story and is rated R for its language.)  The book Mark Whitacre    Against All Odds, by Floyd Perry is available at

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

Segment 5     Segment 6     Segment 7

Photo by Jacob Willis of Bauman Photography.

Pat Downes

# 89

Pat Downes is the President of Strategic Solutions, LLC and consultant to the Oklahoma City Riverfront Redevelopment Authority.

Economic Development Requires Change To OKC Footprint.

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3

Segment 4     Segment 5

Jeff Hand

# 88

Jeff Hand is an Oklahoma native and has an extensive background in insurance defense and risk management as an adjuster and attorney.  He says, "In law and investigations, the facts determine the results.  The same is true for everything you research."   As an avid sportsman and target shooter he took a deep interest in the Second Amendment; researched its legal history and the arguments for and against the Amendment.  Jeff has found that the result is that the Second Amendment means what it says; the way the average man understands it.

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3

Segment 4     Segment 5     Segment 6

Paul Goodyear

# 87

Paul Goodyear is a World War II veteran and survivor of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  Paul is pictured with Dick Pryor of OETA-TV.

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

Segment 5     Segment 6     Segment 7     Segment 8

Segment 9     Segment 10

St. Gregory's Abbey and University

# 86

Linda Haneborg

     Segment 1     Segment 2

Dr. Dave Wagie

     Segment 1     Segment 2

Abbot Lawrence Stasyszen

     Segment 1     Segment 2

Rene Gutteridge

# 85

Rene Gutteridge is an author of many books, is married has children and works in ministry in Oklahoma City.

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4


Dr. Enrique Cepeda

# 84

Dr. Cepeda has ministered in over forty nations and has trained in all over Latin America and Spain and Portugal. Enrique is a Master trainer, a discipler, and a mentor to the younger generations.

His mision has always been to “Equip the Saints” for the work of ministry and his life’s purpose is to please God by fulfilling God’s calling in his life by making a great commitment to the Great Commandment and Great Commission,and to influence others to do the same.

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

Segment 5     Segment 6

MOVIE: The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

# 83

Actor Gavin MacLeod and director Rich Christiano talk about "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" now available on DVD.

Rich Christiano:

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

Segment 5

Gavin MacLeod:

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

Corbin Carpenter

# 82

Corbin Carpenter, from Jonesville, Louisiana, has always been a cowboy. Corbin started competing in rodeos at age 11 and began his own business of breaking and training horses at age 14, a business he still maintains today. Although he was and remains an avid teamroper and calf roper, his love was in the rough stock arena where he was an accomplished  bull rider.  However, his plans to turn professional bull rider upon his eighteenth birthday were changed when he was completely paralyzed from the chest down.  He and his family were given little hope he would ever walk again, but God spoke to Corbin as he lay injured on the arena floor, telling him he would be okay.  Seven months after his near fatal injury it was evident that God would keep His promise.  Not only was Corbin walking but he was riding horses and two months later won two ropings back to back. Eighteen months after his accident, Corbin began riding and competing in cutting and continues his high school rodeo career in roping.  Corbin and his family are using this life changing event to help change this world, one testimony at a time.

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

Segment 5     Segment 6     Segment 7     Segment 8

Shannon Brown

# 81

Shannon Brown is originally from Lawton, OK where his family still lives. Shannon lived in Lawton up until he graduated and moved to Oklahoma City to pursue his love for Marketing & God. He began working at the Mardel Corporate offices in the Marketing Department in charge of Promotions. Shannon has worked at Mardel since the spring of 2000 and still loves Marketing and helping share the Love of God through Mardel and the products that they offer.

Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Segment 4

Segment 5 Segment 6 Segment 7 Segment 8

Tom Pace

# 80

In 1987, Tom Pace had $62.53 to his name and a solid reputation as a failure. He was 30 years old and had a string of 30 jobs that he hadn't been able to hold, along with failed attempts at college. He had hit rock bottom in his life: total despair, depression, wanting to give up and wanting to commit suicide.

Today, Tom Pace is the founder and CEO of the PaceButler Corporation; a multimillion dollar international company. Tom gives a major credit of his success to mentoring, which is the reason he wrote the book Mentor: The Kid and The CEO. 

Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3

Segment 4

Catherine Zoller

# 79

Catherine Zoller is a housewife who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma

With a husband, three kids and half a college diploma, and then....

Many years ago the Lord spoke to her one night

And said simply and clearly, I want you to write. 

So she jumped out of bed and grabbed paper and pen

And waited on the sofa for Him to speak to her again 

At last came the dawn with the dew and the mist

But all she had written was half a grocery list 

Still she never forgot the words spoken that night

All she had to learn was that His timing’s always right 

Now she’s written some rhymes that tell the Bible story

From Genesis to Revelation where He reveals His glory 

The hope in her heart is that everyone will learn

That reading God’s word can be lots of fun 

It will instruct you and teach you and change your heart

And this little book is designed to help you start!"

Catherine's website

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3    Segment 4

Arch Bonnema

# 78

Arch Bonnema

Official website:

Segment 1     Segment 2

Jean Dorlus

# 77

Jean Dorlus

Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

Segment 5     Segment 6     Segment 7

Pat Perry

# 76

Pat Perry

Segment 1

Event Pics

Shirley with The Freemans, Chris, Darrell, Caylon, and Joe

Misty Freeman-Calloway with daughter Adelaide Rose

My favorites are Misty's songs Beautiful Mistakes and Not So Far Away: Faith, Hope & Love  (The Freemans Concert at the Character Inn Conference Center - Oklahoma City OK)

Link: Numbered Alphabetized Interview List

Link  List of Upcoming Interviews


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